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In a world where you can be anything, be kind

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“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

These were the words posted by Caroline Flack on her Instagram amid being hounded by the press.

Since she took her own life on Valentine’s Day people across the internet have been spouting their opinions all over social media.

From reasons behind her tragic death, to calls for more control over the tabloid press to people reminding us that although she has taken her own life, she is still responsible for domestic abuse and that must be the reason she could not put up with everything anymore.

Stop and rewind.

A woman took her own life because she could not deal with all of the things going on around her anymore. Whatever your opinion, be respectful.

It is only days after she died. She had not been found guilty, and it was no secret she was hounded by tabloids on all aspects of her life. Nothing is as simple as it seems and there is always more to a situation that people are aware of.

Caroline Flack was not perfect, yes, she was charged with domestic violence and took a leave of absence from presenting Love Island. Nobody is dismissing what she may or may not have done. That is under no circumstances a reason that she deserved to take her own life. Nobody should ever feel like that is the only option.

It is not as simple of saying that it’s the Crown Prosecution Service are to blame or the media; in this case I think a number of parties are responsible.

From the known lack of support for the accused from the Crown Prosecution Service, specifically those who already suffer from mental health issues. To the general strain of the criminal process magnified by the tabloid media posting every detail of the case. Leading to a storm of people reacting and harassing the individual on social media.

To the Sun taking it too far, on the day she died highlighting a distasteful Valentines Card that had gone on sale. The tabloid later deleted the post, it is unclear if this was before or after news got out that Flack had died.

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Not to mention the culture of trolling online, saying nasty things and not thinking of the circumstances. Enough of the cheap shots, and distasteful articles created for clickbait and views. It is clear enough is enough.

Francis Ridley, of Money Talent Management speaking to the BBC said: “In recent months Caroline had been under huge pressure because of an ongoing case and potential trial which has been well reported.

“The Crown Prosecution Service pursued this when they knew not only how very vulnerable Caroline was but also that the alleged victim did not support the prosecution and had disputed the CPS version of events.

“The CPS should look at themselves today and how they pursued a show trial that was not only without merit but not in the public interest. And ultimately resulted in significant distress to Caroline.”

In response, the CPS said its “deepest sympathies go to the family and friends of Caroline Flack”.

Nobody knows the whole picture, and now is the time for respect. The time to appreciate the incredible things Caroline Flack did, winning Strictly Come Dancing, presenting Love Island for years, become a well-loved national treasure for her out-going, kind personality.

Be kind, be respectful and always think before you speak you never know what someone is going through.

If you need support you can contact Samaritans 24/7 or Stirling Students can call Nightline Stirling on 01786 466866 between 10pm and 7am.

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