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Stirling city deal brings million-pound investment to university

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The Stirling Clackmannanshire city-region deal between the UK and Scottish Governments, which brings local investment to both the university and the wider local area, has been signed.

The deal will bring £214 million worth of investments into Stirling and Clackmannanshire area from both the UK and Scottish Governments and regional partners.

The deal which was signed at an event at Forth Valley College today allocates £17 million pounds for the formation of an Aquaculture Innovation Hub and a further £22 million pounds for the Scotland’s International environment center as part of a wider £214 million pound investment package.

Professor Gerry McCormac, Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University praised the deal and the opportunities it provides for the university,

“The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal presents us with a unique opportunity to put innovation and learning at the heart of the drive for prosperity.

“By working in partnership, we will ensure that businesses, communities and individuals are equipped with the skills, knowledge and technology to head into the future with confidence.

“At the University of Stirling, two multi-million-pound landmark projects [Scotland’s International Environment Centre and the Aquaculture Innovation Hub] will provide fresh thinking and innovation.

“Scotland’s International Environment Centre will place shared responsibility and sustainability at the heart of the drive to be more productive, in the face of a global climate emergency, while the Aquaculture Innovation Hub will build on and support the University’s pioneering aquaculture research, translating global growth into high quality local jobs.

“In working together through the City Region Deal, we will help Scotland play a leading role in responding to the world’s most pressing challenges through creating jobs, enhancing productivity, and supporting wellbeing for all.”

The Aquaculture Hub follows the recent announcement of the University’s aquaculture research being awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

The Institute of Aquaculture was awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize. Credit: University of Stirling

Alistair Jack, the Secretary of State for Scotland said today’s announcement was a “big step forward” and described the deal as “transformational”.

Jack also added that “This is just one of the many City Region and Growth Deals across Scotland, in which the UK Government is investing more than £1.4 billion to create thousands of jobs and opportunities and grow Scotland’s economy.”

Councillor Scott Farmer, the Leader of Stirling Council said the deal represented “real change for our people” and added that “it will provide jobs and investment to our core industries and sectors and will also target the challenges our communities face in reaching their potential.

“A prosperous future lies ahead thanks to this deal and I look forward to working with all our partners to deliver the transformational change promised by this landmark investment.”

Photography by Whyler Photos of Stirling – 01786 474340

The leader of Clackmannanshire council Ellen Forson said:

“On behalf of Clackmannanshire Council I am delighted to be signing the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal which will provide us with the opportunity to realise our shared ambitions for the region.

“Through this deal we have a unique opportunity, together with the University of Stirling, to create Scotland’s International Environment Centre in Alloa which aims to be a global leader for research and innovation, creating inclusive employment opportunities which will help us in our goal for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

“I’m also pleased that we will be able to move forward in developing plans for the City Region Deal funds for Culture, Heritage & Tourism, Digital and Active Travel which will benefit our communities. We look forward to taking forward locally developed proposals to the Capital Fund for Clackmannanshire as part of the City Region Deal.”

The deal has the opportunity to bring over £640 million in potential future investments to the area over the next 15 years and create up to 5,000 jobs.

Feature image Credit: Whyler Photos of Stirling

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