Community calls for action over speeding drivers

Community leaders have called for a greater police presence.

Residents of the city centre have hit out at speeding drivers at the top of the town.

Members of the Mercat Cross Community Council told councillors about their concerns.

The chair of the community council, Karen Baird said that speeding has always been an issue in the area.

Stirling North Councillor Ross Oxburgh attended the meeting to hear residents concerns on this issue.

He told residents that he had raised his concerns about speeding motorists to senior police officers at a meeting of the council’s public safety committee but was told that it had not been identified as an issue.

Karen Baird told councillors that they had reported the issue to their community police officers who had reported it back to their superiors.

She went on to say that she was surprised that the issue has not been recognised as it has been raised several times in the community council meetings.

Oxburgh said that he wants to take any information on the issue to the Stirling Area Commander, Chief Inspector Gill Marshall.

Community councillor Stuart Baird said that drivers won’t stop speeding until there is a police presence at the top of the town.

Baird said that the issue is not boy racers, but ordinary motorists that just aren’t obeying the speed limit.

He called for Traffic Police to be deployed at the top of the town and praised the efforts of the community police team for their efforts to stop speeding.

“Nothing will happen until traffic police are deployed.

“The local police are good but what we need is trained traffic officers catching speeders.”

Councillor Jim Thomson said that finding out what the scale of the speeding is and then the evidence can be taken forward.

Councillor Oxburgh said he would consult with the relevant council authorities on the issue, describing speeding drivers as “dangerous and irritating.”

Featured image credit: Motor1

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