Ian Murray promises to “root out bullying” if elected UK Labour deputy leader

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As the race to be the next leader of the Labour party continues the party is also searching for some to fill the role of deputy leader.

One of the candidates is the party’s only MP in Scotland , Ian Murray. Brig spoke to Murray about why he was running for the role.

Murray who is the MP for Edinburgh South  began by explaining why he was running for the role ,referencing his experiences as the only Labour MP in Scotland and winning in a marginal seat, saying:

“My whole life I’ve fought and won against the odds. I’m a marginal seat MP who has survived a nationalist wave in Scotland – not once, but twice – by building a broad coalition.”

A Labour Government runs through Scotland and we must win back the seats we have lost. Having a Scot as deputy leader will send out a message that every nation and region of the UK matters”

Continuing on the topic of Scottish Labour, i asked Murray about his vision for Scotland under a labour government

Murray replied ““Day after day we get more evidence of Scotland’s once world-leading education system in freefall, our NHS teetering on the brink, social care in crisis, council funding devastated, local services slashed, police services struggling, new ferries costing hundreds of millions and left rusting, the economy stuttering, and train services deteriorating.”

Adding that as deputy leader he would ensure  ” that Labour upholds our values of internationalism and solidarity, firmly standing against a second referendum and protecting the redistribution of wealth within the UK to improve public services neglected by the SNP and Tories.”



When asked about the role of the deputy leader within the UK party and wider society, Murray said the role was ” to represent the members in the leadership team, and lead the party’s campaigns. It is a party role and I will always be a critical friend to the leader.”

Looking to the future of the party , Murray said the party must “transform our culture and rid Labour of antisemitism”.

When asked about how he ,if elected as deputy leader of the UK labour party, would do to get more young people engaged in politics, Murray referenced his constituency and Edingburgh university labour students ,who he says he “owes so much”

““I have only been able to win my seat because of the support of the countless young activists who have tirelessly campaigned alongside me – particularly in my case, Edinburgh Labour Students. I owe them so much.”

Describing young campaigners as “the backbone” of the party but says that “far too often the party treats them as nothing more than an unpaid postal force”.

Murray went on to layout how he would change this if elected

“I would root out bullying and intimidation, and work to create a culture that welcomes all young members to feel like they can have their say.

The greatest gift the party could give our activists is a Labour victory at the next general election. That way the Labour Party can show young people that it is the vehicle for their ideas to be put into practice. That is what I want to see.”

Other candidates for the role of deputy leader of the UK Labour Party are: Richard Burgon,Angela Rayner , Dawn Butler, Dr Rosena Allin Khan.

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