Staying active while staying inside

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Keeping fit and healthy is difficult. Doing it when you can’t go outside? Well, that feels nearly impossible. With gyms closed and official lockdown having started, here are some ways that you can let off some steam and get moving from inside your house.

P.E. with Joe Wicks

If you haven’t already seen on social media, fitness coach Joe Wicks is holding P.E classes for kids on school days. Every day at 9am you can join him live on his YouTube channel TheBodyCoachTV, or you can watch it back later.

Each episode is around 30 mins and consists of 20 mins of exercise with a break in the middle. Despite being aimed for primary school kids, Wicks workout is surprisingly effective for those of us who are over the age of 12. The whole thing is super relaxed and is perfect for people who aren’t super into exercise or are just wanting something to get their blood pumping.


Fitness influencer Maddie Lymburner makes really fun workout routines around popular songs on her YouTube channel Madfit. She does a range of different kinds from full-body cardio to abs and there are over 46 to choose from.

These are a really great way to get a quick but hard workout in. I would recommend watching through the video at least once so you can see the what exercises are included and give the ones you don’t know a wee practice, as the routines are non stop and there isn’t time to stop and figure out what you’re doing.

There are also lots of other quality workout videos on her channel to choose from if you prefer a more instructional video.

The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall, or The Fitness Marshall, creates really high energy dance workout videos on his channel. Brace yourself before you watch because Caleb is very intense but in the best way possible. His energy and over the top attitude is what makes the videos work.

The dances are super easy to follow and he shouts what to do next so no skill is required. Similar to Madfit, his routines are to popular songs which makes them even more entertaining. If you’re looking for a bit of fun with some added exercise then you should definitely check some of these out.

PureGym classes

If you have a membership with PureGym then you will have free access to some online classes filmed by personal trainers that have been posted to their app. They have been specifically created for people at home while their gyms are closed. so don’t require any extra equipment.

These videos aren’t as fun as the ones you can find on YouTube, and are set up in more of a class style but they have different fitness levels and they coach you on how to properly do each exercise.

Working out during this time isn’t something you should feel obligated to do, we’re going through unprecedented times and taking a step back to process the insanity and stress of it all is okay.

If you’re spending a lot of time sitting down then just standing up and moving every 20-30 minutes is good for your health and if you are not showing any symptoms then going for a walk or a run outside is still allowed.

The only thing you should be doing is looking after yourself in whatever way works for you, even if that means baking your way through every type of cake or binge-watching Netflix’s entire catalogue.

Wash your hands, stay inside as much as possible and just do you. We will get through this.

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