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We all have a lot of time on our hands right now and what better a time to catch up on some great films. With there being so many choices I am bringing you my top suggestions of the best films you can watch now on streaming services. 

Marriage Story – Available on Netflix

This Academy Award-nominated film is a heartbreaking and compassionate look at a family going through a divorce. We see both sides of the story and you will switch back and forth between who you think is in the right. It is an incredibly real and moving film and is actually based on the director’s own divorce. 

With great acting (Laura Dern won a Supporting Actress Oscar for it), beautiful cinematography and top-notch writing this film is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality film to watch.

Chef – Available on Amazon Prime 

This is without a doubt one of my favourites. It’s the first film I ever remember being amazed at and every time I watch it I get that same reaction. It’s about a chef who quits his job at a high-end restaurant and ends up taking a food truck on the road, reigniting his passion for cooking. 

Everything about this is wholesome and makes me feel warm inside. We get amazing cooking scenes, father-son bonding and just joy and happiness. Plus, if you want to make any of the food you see they launched The Chef Show on Netflix where they demonstrate lots of recipes, including the infamous grilled cheese. 

Chef has a limited time remaining on Prime so watch it now before it’s gone. 

Eighth Grade – Available on Sky Cinema

From amazing director and comedian Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade is the story of a 13-year-old girl navigating her way through her last school year before high school.

This film will make you laugh and cry and you will cringe at the spectacularly on the nose moments of awkwardness on display throughout. 

You can see Brig’s review of the film here. 

Free Solo – Available on Disney+

Alongside all the films we know and love, Disney+ also has a selection of National Geographic productions to choose from having bought them last year. 

Free Solo is probably one of the most insane climbing documentaries I have ever seen, every single second of it is full of jaw-dropping shots and outrageously tense moments. Alex Honnold is a free solo climber (meaning he climbs with no rope or support) and we see him attempting to do the first solo climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan. 

I cannot begin to describe the sheer amazement and disbelief that you will experience during this. Definitely a must-watch. 

The Wailing – Available on Netflix

If after watching Parasite you, like me, decided that you have to see more Korean cinema then you should watch The Wailing. There are quite a few Korean films on Netflix that I would recommend you watch but this is by far my favourite.  

Directed by Na Hong-jin, this film is a crazy thriller and is just straight-up amazing. It is gripping, beautiful and utterly terrifying. At just over two and a half hours it’s a long one but it is more than worth it. 

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