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Lockdown looks

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I’m sure by now, we’ve all become very familiar with our surroundings. Whether they be in the family home, our overpriced flats, or our university accommodation.

Either way, a new form of fashion has been born, and it’s called ‘lazy babe chic’. Where the only thing anyone is wearing right now is elasticated around the waist. Because that’s how everyone should be throwing down during this lockdown.

And it’s a gift to us all.

Because now we have the opportunity to truly reflect on our wardrobes. To look into the soul of our style choices and think; whoa, is that necessary? So when this is all over, none of us will look the same.

Right now, probably everyone is streaming something online. Everyone across the world is being inspired by different looks. Whether that be fangirling over Killing Eve’s Villanelle, or watching jaws drop at Sex Education’s Eric Effiong.

Credit: Giphy.com

If you have nothing else today or are simply bored beyond despair, take advantage of this time.

There’s nothing you can do to fix the outside world. That is entirely out of your hands. Doing what you can is appreciated, and respected. But don’t endanger yourselves or others, keep it indoors and focus on what you can work on.

Yourself, your wardrobe, and maybe even your skincare routine.

Self-isolation could be the best time to work on your health. Both physical and mental. Maybe look into some self-care routines, see what products have been working for your skin. Treat it kindly and prosper in the results at the end of the day.

Credit: Unsplash.com

Make sure you keep your skin moisturised, that includes your hands. Over washing your hands will most likely be a consequence of your appreciated protective measures. Make sure you have something on standby to keep your skin healthy regularly.

Take your skin on a nice vacation by avoiding make-up. One benefit of being indoors is allowing your skin to breathe. Maybe try looking up some home-made face masks or follow some online yoga classes to help you keep your calm.

Or maybe take the time to wash your make-up brushes. Plough through all the eyeshadow pallets you own and tuck away what you don’t use. They might come in useful another time. Organise your make-up bag like you’ve been meaning to for so long.

These might not be the ways you necessarily want to spend your time, but they’re what’s available.

Maybe none of this is what you want to be doing. Maybe now is the time to pull open your wardrobe doors and start a clear out. Check if all those shoes you’ve hoarded are in great condition, or if they match at least three of your outfits.

Credit: Giphy.com

Keep what you love, throw what’s not seen the light of day in months.

But for now, chill in your joggers. Listen to all the latest albums released and vibe with what you have. After all, we all need something comfortable to watch a movie marathon in.

What’s happening outside your room, should stay out there. Be mindful of the risks the Coronavirus has and help by staying inside.

Besides, there’s probably more to do than you thought. Putting together outfits and doing a solo fashion show like you did when you were thirteen is probably better than going outside anyway.

Featured image: Lush.com

Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

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