400 Stirling student nurses to help combat Coronavirus

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If you feel like you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, please follow the advice from the National Health Service – found here and NHS Inform. Save Lives, Stay at Home.

Almost 400 Stirling student nurses and nine clinically trained members of staff have volunteered to help combat Coronavirus by working on the frontlines with NHS staff.

396 student nurses have signed up to provide much needed support to the NHS. The programme will allow the students to continue working towards their degrees.

The number of students responding to the Coronavirus outbreak is expected to rise in the coming days.

This comes after both the UK and Scottish Governments called on student nurses to support the emergency response to Coronavirus and will allow them to do their next placement as a paid member of NHS staff.

The only nursing students that cannot volunteer are first years.

Stirling nurses will join 12,000 other student nurses and returning staff in the coming weeks.

Professor Jayne Donaldson, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport at the University of Stirling, said:

“Coronavirus poses a monumental challenge to our healthcare systems here in the UK and across the world – as hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, and care homes face unprecedented demands and pressures.

“I am very proud that our dedicated and talented army of student nurses, alongside staff from the University, have stepped forward to support the national effort.

“Our students can take confidence from the training and skills that they’ve learned and honed during their time at Stirling – and I know that they will make a real difference to the coronavirus response and play an important role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of patients.

“I know our entire University community will join me in thanking our students and staff for their phenomenal response – and wish them all the best as they join the frontline in the coming weeks.”

Stirling student nurses will join 12,000 other students and returning staff in the coming weeks to combat Coronavirus. Credit: University of Stirling

Health service officials have thanked the students have also praised their efforts.

Scotland’s Chief Nursing Officer Fiona McQueen said: “I want to thank each and every student who has volunteered their support so far. The response we have received shows the incredible spirit of our future NHS workforce – your dedication is truly inspirational.”

Professor Angela Wallace, Director of Nursing, NHS Forth Valley, said:

“We really appreciate the support of our student colleagues at this challenging time and I know that they will receive a very warm welcome from nursing and midwifery staff across NHS Forth Valley.

“Students make a fantastic contribution to local healthcare and we will ensure they receive the guidance and support they require to help us care for patients and their families.”

Elected officials have also added their praise.

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford added:

“I have nothing but admiration for these people and I want to thank them for what they’ve done and what this’ll mean for the healthcare effort to beat this virus.

“Across the country, we are seeing lots of people – from community groups and businesses, to our emergency services and nursing students – demonstrating that they’re ready to help people in any way they can. That’s the sleeves-rolled-up attitude that’s going to get us through this.”

Alyn Smith MP followed with praise for student nurses:

“There continues to be an upward trend in coronavirus cases in Scotland and it is demanding a lot of our NHS. The NHS Louisa Jordan is being set up in Glasgow to help with a likely grow in demand for hospital services for Covid-19 patients, but growing the health service’s workforce is also vital to ensure that Scotland’s NHS continues to be able to tackle this disease effectively.

“I’d also like to thank the amazing people who have put themselves forward to help. They have stepped up to the mark at a time when we need them most and for that we are all grateful.”

Featured Image: University of Stirling

If you feel like you are experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, please follow the advice from the National Health Service – found here and NHS Inform. Save Lives, Stay at Home.

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