Early bird (eventually) catches the sense

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As a person who always has one-too-many unfinished projects on the go, quarantine-life offers a chance to delve into them with greater reverence than ever. I’ve always wondered what, if any, effects waking up at 5AM every morning actually has on your life – hence that is what I shall be doing for the next-coming month.

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Upon conducting some research online, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives of this challenge by miles. An early riser tends to have better skin, easier to concentrate and be more emotionally stable than a person who sleeps in, according to this article. What more could you ask for in life?

As I indulge in the promises of healthier eating habits, more exercise and increased organizational skills that accompany this lifestyle, my anticipation is growing.

Will I become more productive? Will I begin writing that novel I always imagined I would? Will I finally start replying to everyone’s texts within weeks rather than months with all this extra time on my hands?

With a head full of questions and the alarms all set, I am now diving into bed, increasingly dreading my early rise. Not too sure why I’m doing this anymore…

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Day 1

Slept four hours last night, felt hungover and nauseous the whole day. Did manage to do a yoga session, one hour of studies and have breakfast before 8am though, so if I get my sleeping-pattern right, this could become the most productive month of my life! Need to re-adjust my bedtime.

Day 2

Slept five hours tonight, feel like a slug. Have had Two cups of coffee by 7am. Yoga practice was rough this morning as I felt like a too-weak-tea – wishy-washy & pretty gruesome. But I’ve still got faith, tomorrow is a new day!

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Day 3

Although my face has that weird ‘did-not-get-enough-sleep-last-night’-look, I’m starting to get into this! Got so much done the first few hours of the day, that I could happily just kick back by mid-day.

However, my energy-levels were non-existent after 1pm – and as I didn’t have any ‘proper-obligations’ to pursue, COVID-19-bubble-and-all, I succumbed my laziness and did nada for the rest of the day… So far, this challenge has not got me convinced.

Day 4

Almost got a full six and a half hours of sleep last night for the first time since this experiment started – heck yes!

However, I am starting to feel extremely lethargic (most probably due to consistent lack of sleep) so if I cannot manage to swap this wonky sleeping schedule of mine, this challenge may end up like my banana-peels in the morning – thrown into the compost, to be transformed into a new idea…

Maybe I’ll attempt waking up with a cold-shower every morning instead – Wim Hof-style?

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Day 5

When chatting to my friend yesterday (facetime, of course #quarantine) she made a really good point; why pursue an early-bird-gets-the-worm-challenge now, when this is the (possibly only) time in your life when you could literally wake up at ANY time without A SINGLE repercussion?

I must admit, I did not think of this before – but it makes plenty of sense. The first, quiet hours in the morning has been a truly blissful part of these early rises, but unless you manage to get enough sleep, there is no point to this challenge.

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By this stage the bags under my eyes literally look like gone-off-onion-rings and the challenge is not making me more productive – rather the opposite, as I just end up taking random naps (because I can) and snacking all the time (because I’m tired).

I shall put this one on the shelf for a while – will pick it up and dust it off again when there is an actual structure to my day, so there would be benefits to reap from waking up earlier.

Normally, the early bird may catch the worm – but in these strange times of lock-downs and quarantines a new normal is emerging – one where catching the worm may not be the focal point.

So for now, I shall instead reap one of the biggest benefits of the quarantine-life; sweet-sweet sleep-ins and randomly structured days – seize the opportunity you too (if and) whilst you can!

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