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Quarantine: living in a broken record

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Right now, time might not be your best friend. Maybe it feels like the days are repeating themselves. And too many hours are slipping by you, so fast that they may lose their meaning.

But they do still have some significance.

Every hour passing marks your place here. Where some people have lost loved ones to the coronavirus, or before, you’re still here. For many people, or even the ones you didn’t expect, this can mean everything.

Although for you, it could feel meaningless, that’s not what it feels for everyone. To put things into perspective, there are a lot of reasons why you matter. Even if it does feel like you’re living in an endless loop of boredom that you can’t break out of.

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Not being around people doesn’t change how much you mean to them. Or how much you should value yourself.

Sometimes being alone can make you your own worst enemy. Don’t feel bad if this is your reality. Just remember there are people out there waiting to see your face again. Be it your best friends in uni, the person you sit beside in your seminars, or the pets eagerly awaiting you back home.

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Everyone misses something. The smell of coffee in a busy café, the sound of noise when you walk into a pub, or even the feeling you get when you walk into a club. Or maybe something softer, like the low buzz of voices in the background when you’re in a park.

All these things still exist, they’re just not present now. And that’s okay too. Because now you have something to look forward to. Because this loop will break, and you’ll be back in the functioning world.

Just try to enjoy the one you’re in now, although it’s easier said than done.

You have so much time right now, use it wisely. All those little projects you’ve thought about doing, make a start. Maybe a few months ago a topic in a lecture interested you, look into it. Maybe fall back into history, engage yourself with different cultures and all the different Gods that once were.

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One thing to love about the world is how it keeps moving forward. Just because you feel stuck, doesn’t mean you have to stay. Break the cycle of repetition in your life. You don’t have to do anything huge, just something for you.

Something to enjoy.

This period in time won’t define you or estimate your worth. To that extent; not much has changed. Only you can do those two things, even now.

A long, way back Leo Tolstoy said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” in his book War and Peace. That statement rings true to this day.

Here’s something else that is true; quarantine is difficult. We’re a social species, so cutting ourselves off from the world was never going to be easy. But here you are; doing amazingly. We might be living in a broken record right now, but give it time, and this loop will bust too.

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