Send nudes. No, seriously send nudes.

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We’ve all done it. Or at least thought about doing it. The act of sending nudes (erotic photographs) is now practically culture.

Naturally there is a huge stigma behind it – as there is with almost anything regarding the naked body (especially women’s bodies: free the nipple). There is also a danger should you send a nude to someone untrustworthy and it gets shared without consent.

But if you are in a loving relationship or seeing someone you trust, why not?

Now, sixteen year old creeps in the schoolyard asking a thirteen year old for nudes is not acceptable. Nor is an adult asking a child or teenager for nudes acceptable. Or just sending a nude to someone who doesn’t want it.

But nudes between two consenting adults? What is the problem?

Experts have even stated that being naked actually can boost mental health and self esteem. Sending a good nude can actually be incredibly empowering.

Nudes are an act of sexual expression. They can make the sender feel powerful and comfortable within their skin – something they may not feel all the time.


Some people even send nudes to their close friends for their opinion or support. The bond that can withstand something so vulnerable is one to be kept.

Nudes don’t even have to be shared. More and more people are taking naked pictures just for themselves.

There is no law that states people need validation from others. Especially where body positivity is concerned.

The naked body is still seen as something shameful, a legacy from more chaste times. Not all legacies should be honoured.

There is nothing inherently embarrassing about the human form. Everything we have been taught to cover up is nothing more than a construction reinforced by unrealistic beauty expectations.


People should be comfortable within themselves. They should feel sexy and they should flaunt it if they want to.

The stigma around naked bodies online is not only damaging for self esteem, it also damages the career of sex workers everywhere.

The shame regarding a career in the sex industry is another article entirely. However sex workers need to keep up with online demand to survive: censoring their content is doing nothing more than forcing them into illegitimate and unsafe avenues.

There should be no policing of the naked body. It is what it is. We should feel comfortable. Happy. Naked or not.

You don’t need to send a nude to take one. Experiment with yourself to see how it feels. Delete them afterwards if that would make you feel better. There are no rules. Don’t knock it until you try it.

As a disclaimer, one should always be careful about whom they send their nudes to. There is information online about how to stay safe and how to store your photographs in a secure way. Sending erotic pictures can be dangerous if the sender is not careful.

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