Normal People; your number one spring binge

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The twelve-part series based on Irish novelist Sally Rooney’s award-winning novel is a poignant and sincere adaptation that truly shows the hurt and honesty around first loves.

The story follows Marianne. A confident, incredibly intelligent girl with a sharp tongue and Connell, a shy, handsome, well-liked boy as they fall for each other. They face many difficulties throughout their on-off relationship which begins at the end of high school and goes on throughout university.

This coming of age story tells the tale of adjusting to adult life with enticing camera work that provides the audience with an intimate connection to the story.

It is easy for the audience to relate because the show delves so deeply into very real and tough situations most people face such as bullying, moving away from home, grief, anxiety, and suicide. The show captures every moment no matter how brutal or beautiful.

Marianne is taunted and ridiculed daily in high school by Connell’s friends which forces him to keep their relationship a secret. The show really illustrates a multi-faceted first love between two people through the most turbulent times of their lives.

Both lead actors bring so much to the show.

Daisy Edgar-Jones is perfect for the role. She accurately portrays a strong minded, passionate young woman damaged by her upbringing. Along with the delicate girl next door wardrobe that produces an aesthetic that immediately intrigues the audience.

The portrayal of Connell is a really refreshing take on a male lead. The raw emotion depicted through his actions is a representation you don’t often see on the small screen.

A vulnerable young man breaking down, crying and talking about his feelings contributes a lot to the amount of intense emotion the audience takes from the show.

Although, there has been a stir over the amount of sex scenes throughout the show. Paul Mescal who plays Connell addressed the controversy,

“My own perspective of it is we worked hard to make it feel like it was a real, accurate and truthful representation of sex amongst young people.” 

“It’s something I’m incredibly proud of and incredibly proud to see on Irish screens, personally.”

The sex scenes are incredibly intimate and something that hasn’t really been done so tastefully yet in so much detail. The scenes are definitely vital for the storytelling that makes the show.

Normal People is available now on the BBC IPlayer.

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