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Time to dust off the Nintendo Wii

With the Switch sold out, now is the time to dust off the Wii.

Everyone is at home right now because of lockdown, and many are bored. With the Switch console out of stock and expensive, it’s time to dust off the Nintendo Wii.

Lots of houses have the console sitting in the cupboard, just waiting to be broken out and played. If not, they’re much cheaper than other consoles, especially on sites like eBay.

Twitter is full of people who have revived the Wii and it is the perfect console for the current situation.

Some of the Wii’s most popular games are multiplayer. This includes Mario Kart, Wii Play and Wii Sports. These are the perfect games to play with family members or flatmates. Who wouldn’t want beat their family at a Mario Kart tournament?

Credit: Wallpaper Flare

Games like Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are perfect if you prefer to game alone. They transport you into a fantasy world where you can escape for a few hours.

Unlike other consoles, the controls are simple. Its unique motion controls make it easy for all ages to play. All you have to do is swing or tilt the controller and press a few buttons. Just make sure to attach the strap to your wrist so you don’t break your TV.

The Wii can also be used to keep fit whilst outdoor exercise is limited to once per day. Just Dance and Wii Fit are excellent ways to burn calories and get moving. Wii Fit can be used with the balance board to weigh you and help you lose weight through different games. Whilst you cannot physically attend fitness classes, you can do yoga and aerobics through the game. You can even go for a jog.

Credit: TamingGaming


Whether you want to swing a sword or try to beat the Wii Play tanking game a decade later – like my Dad – there is a game for everyone. As a bonus, GameCube games can also be played with the correct controllers.

Lockdown is the perfect time to replay the Wii. Experience nostalgia and use what you most likely have in a cupboard to your advantage.


Feature image credit: NicePNG

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