Euphoria: The clothes were the best part

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I think we can all agree that Euphoria is a great show. It’s got some gritty realness, yet at the heart it’s an aesthetically pleasing fantasy of the extremes of life as an American teenager. And as a show that got everything right, they got the costuming more than right, too.

I cannot think of any other show which truly managed to distil each of the protagonists’ personalities so accurately into the way they dress, and doing it in the most beautiful ways imaginable. So, I re-watched the first (and so far only) season of Euphoria and picked out a few of my favourite pieces from the two protagonists’ wardrobes and then scoured the web to find out what they are, and where you can find them or something similar.

Let’s take a look at Rue first. While her style might seem a little basic in the context of the show, it radiates a certain effortless skater coolness we could all use a slice from.

First up, and unavoidable: The oversized red hoodie.

It’s the staple throughout the show: you know, that burgundy zip hoodie that at least five people you know have owned at some point in their lives. Nevertheless, it carries a ton of emotional weight for Rue and as a recurring theme defines her personal style. You want to replicate the look? While they do sell a branded replica, it’s easiest to turn to the high street retailer of your choice (they will sell one of these), and size a couple sizes up. It’s as easy as that.

Another one of Rue’s signature styles is the short-sleeved shirt. I particularly liked this navy work shirt from Peels, and you can get an almost identical version from the same brand. But, just about any kind of shirt, neutral or colourful and worn open over a crop top, t-shirt or a tight long sleeve will create the desired look.

My personal favourite piece from Rue’s wardrobe, however, is this tattoo printed long sleeve top from Dries Van Noten:

You can still track it down on the internet, and I managed to find it quite quickly. But of course it doesn’t have to be Dries, as there are many different versions of tattoo print tops out there: see below for a version that gets quite close to the real thing, or look to Topshop for a top or bodysuit that are a little more colourful. Over it, she’s wearing an equally cool Proenza Schouler pre-fall ’13 tie dye t-shirt. There is no shortage of tie dye shirts out there to complete the look: I quickly found a similar one on Etsy.

Now, if we’re to talk about fashion and Euphoria, the crown obviously has to go to Jules for churning out great outfits like it’s nobody’s business every single episode. Twice, and on the same episode, you can see her in a full (!) runway look, one from Jeremy Scott’s F/W18 and one from small Brooklyn based brand Lou Dallas’ S/S19 collection, which she wears under a custom sheer coat by Seth Pratt.

While it’s impossible to find the actual pieces, Asos has got you covered with an alternative to the Jeremy Scott jacket as well as a pair of satin joggers and bralette for the Lou Dallas look. If it’s the Seth Pratt coat you’re after, take a look at the green organza jacket below, or this blazer will do the trick, too.

To round things off, there’s one last piece from Jules’ wardrobe I’d like to talk about: A graphic knit sweater from New York brand Iggy which depicts a scene from a 1984 documentary about homelessness in Seattle. The original is sold out, unfortunately, but Iggy also has a sweater in the same colours in a different print, if you’re interested.

The great thing is, no matter what your personal style may look like, Euphoria will inspire you with a wide range of excellently executed wardrobes. I only shone a spotlight on a fraction of the fashion treasure trove that it is, and there is so much left to discover that I can only encourage anyone who hasn’t watched it yet to do so. For now, I’ll be waiting excitedly for season 2, which starts filming this summer. Until then!

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