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TransAllyBot created to fight Transphobia on Twitter

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Stirling University’s LGBTQ+ society have created TransAllyBot to help battle transphobic comments on Twitter.

The Twitter Bot will respond on behalf of twitter users when mentioned in a Tweet.

The Bot has eighteen commands always ready to go which cover a variety of definitions and explanations on trans issues.

Recently, several Stirling University societies were targeted on Twitter with transphobic abuse.

Rory MacLellan, Stirling LGBTQ+ Publicity officer said: “We noticed transphobes on Twitter are entirely predictable, making the same incorrect points and hurling the same abuse at users.

“So we created TransAllyBot to remove the personal interaction when dealing with transphobes and making it easier to respond.”

Stirling LGBTQ+ hope TransAllyBot will help fight Transphobia
Credit: Stirling LGBTQ+ Twitter

The Bot can be reached by simply @TransAllyBot on Twitter and using on of the commands available

The List of demands available to get in touch with TransAllyBot
Credit: Stirling LGBTQ+ Society

The LGBTQ+ society said it was awful to see their own members and others in the Stirling community having to endure this hate.

Rory said: “While its unfortunate something like this is necessary to combat this hate on Twitter, the response to the Bot has been very positive and we’re excited to develop it in the future”

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