Search underway after man falls into River Forth

Police, fire crews, paramedics, and coastguard units are searching the river near John Forty's Court.

Emergency services are currently searching the River Forth after reports that a man had fallen into the river in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police, fire crews, paramedics and coastguard units were called to Bridgehaugh Road in Stirling and a search and rescue operation was soon underway.

A police helicopter is also involved in the search.

Chief Inspector Chris Stewart said: “Police were called around 2.45am on Saturday, June 6, to a report that a 21-year-old man had fallen into the River Forth near Bridgehaugh Road in Stirling. Emergency services are in attendance carrying out a search of the area.”

Bridgehaugh Road sits between John Forty’s Court and Old Stirling Bridge.

Bridgehaugh Road sits at the end of Old Stirling Bridge across from John Forty’s Court.

The identity of the man is currently unknown, police have asked that if the person who fell in managed to get out of the river then they must call 101 or report to their nearest police station.

More updates on this story to follow.

3 comments on “Search underway after man falls into River Forth

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