Stirling ranked as Scotland’s greenest area

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Stirling has been ranked as Scotland’s “greenest area” due to its high volume of homes equipped with solar panels.  

A study carried out by Project Etopia revealed that Stirling has more than 4,051 solar panels, which is enough to cover 10.1 per cent of the total 40,157 households.

Across the UK, Stirling ranked second but was the only Scottish location to place. Peterborough won first with 11.1 per cent and Wrexham placed third with 7.3 per cent. 

Joseph Daniels, CEO of Project Etopia said: “Britain has never been greener and these towns and cities are trailblazers who we should all look to for inspiration.” 

More than 95 per cent of the solar panel installations were by Stirling Council’s Housing Service in accordance with their plan to ensure more energy efficient social housing. 

Housing Portfolio Holder, Councillor Evelyn Tweed, said: “The continued investment in our solar panels means that more and more Stirling Council tenants are feeling the benefits of reduced electricity bills and helps facilitate our work to tackle fuel poverty across the Stirling area.

“We are determined to remove poor energy efficiency as a driver for fuel poverty and are committed to ensuring that everyone in Stirling, no matter their financial situation, has access to good quality housing that they can afford to heat.”

Stirling came second in the UK for green energy.

According to Project Etopia

Stirling Council’s funding means that 55 per cent of the area’s local authority housing already meets the minimum energy efficiency standards required by 2032 in Scotland.

Depute Housing Portfolio Holder, Councillor Danny Gibson, said: “These figures represent the hard work our Housing Team have been undertaking in order to improve the energy efficiency of Council homes.

“Our investment has also included the installation of innovative new battery storage systems to further reduce energy costs, and all of this work showcases how we are delivering on our commitment to increase the energy efficiency of our housing stock for the benefit of our residents.”

Feature image credit: Stirling Council

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