Operation Close Pass was carried out today by Forth Valley’s Road Policing Unit in Stirling

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Traffic cops in Forth Valley were out on force today in Stirling carrying out an ongoing operation known as “Close Pass”.

The purpose of Operation Close Pass is to ensure the highway code is being followed, and that the right judgements are being used by road users. Also, ensuring that the roads are safe for everyone.

It aims to help educate road users on the correct passing distance when overtaking cyclists.

It involves an unmarked police cyclist where they test to see whether drivers are passing too close and unsafely.

The activity took place in and around Stirling town centre where two unmarked police officers were cycling on bikes.

On today’s activity the officers stopped multiple people:

  • One driver was issued a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty for passing the cyclists too closely. Another driver will be reported for Careless Driving for overtaking the cyclists and another car whilst near a junction and set of traffic lights.
  • Two drivers were warned for poorly judged overtakes.
  • Two drivers were warned regarding sounding horns and gesticulating at the cyclists.
  • Two cyclists were warned for cycling on the pavement.
  • One driver was issued a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty for not wearing a seat belt.

All the drivers that were stopped and spoken to by officers were shown the correct passing distance which is required when overtaking a cyclist.

Sgt David Ross of Forth Valley’s Road Policing Unit said: “There are currently far more cyclists using the road and keeping them safe is a priority for Forth Valley’s Road Policing Unit and we continue to do so through a combination of educational activity and enforcement measures.”

Image credit: Forth Valley Police Division, Facebook

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