“Queer Eye” season five is a lesson in self-love

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Queer Eye is a show that I was introduced to on a cold night, wrapped up in my blanket with a cup of tea warming my frozen hands. I was sceptical to say the least. I was also crying twenty minutes into the first episode.

Despite having not seen most of the hit Netflix show, I dove into season five with excitement, ready to be inspired and ready to learn to embrace myself. The new season did not disappoint.

Queer Eye is everything you will ever need in a feel-good TV show: friendship, love, self-care and Jonathan Van Ness. Every episode this season has reduced me to tears, nodding along with the sage and sassy advice given by the Fab Five.

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From the very first episode of the new season, featuring a gay pastor struggling to accept himself, I knew this time would be different. Usually a formulaic show like this one would feel tired after so many seasons – especially in an era of increasingly short attention spans – but Queer Eye has only gotten better.

Some fans felt that it had last its edge after the last season, the Fab Five focusing too much on the makeovers instead of the emotion but season five has brought the magic back. Each episode brings something new to the table and encourages self-love in an invigorating way.

I can personally think of no better show to make me feel as accepted and free as Queer Eye does – a true confidence booster like no other. Watching this show truly is like a form of self-care.

Now, none of this is to say that watching Queer Eye will all of a sudden solve your problems and make the world seem like a better place. But maybe it can help you to escape for a little while and encourage you to find that one small moment of reckless enjoyment.

Queer Eye just makes for an easy watch, something to have on in the background while you go about your day. The show just makes everything easier to bear, if only for a short while.

If you are looking for something to break up the drudgery of the day and to finally bring a smile to your face (as salty as it may be from your tears) Queer Eye season five is perfect for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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