Planned construction work has begun to remove asbestos-containing material from the pathfoot building

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Construction work has begun on Stirling University’s Pathfoot building to remove materials which are believed to contain asbestos.

The once commonly used building material, which has been known to cause cancer and other diseases, had also been discovered in the atrium earlier this year.

However, the substance is also now believed to have been found in the foundations of the Pathfoot building as well.

The discovery was initially made as the university commenced work to repair water damage that was caused in the flash floods of June last year.

However, the university maintains that it poses no threat to students or staff.

A university spokesperson said: “Contractors have begun the planned and safe removal of asbestos-containing material from Pathfoot as part of the flood reparation works. This does not pose a risk to students.

“It is not uncommon for asbestos-containing material to be present within buildings from the period during which Pathfoot was constructed.

Contractors engaged on the university’s flood reparation works are aware of this, continually survey the work areas, and undertake industry recognised procedures to safely remove asbestos-containing materials.”

The ongoing construction work does not have a confirmed finish date.

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