TikTok Food: the versatility of tortilla wraps

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When most people think of tortilla wraps they imagine fajitas, burritos, perhaps quesadillas. Yet the wrap is far more versatile than it appears, as proven on the popular social media site TikTok. In short videos, users are demonstrating how the app has become a wonderland of food. Scrolling through food hashtags feels like venturing through the world of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Whilst wraps aren’t quite as magical as the cake decoration side, they sure are tasty and flexible to each meal. 

It’s worth noting that the best way to fold a wrap is to fold the sides halfway into the centre, bring the bottom to the middle and then roll. Be ready with a spoon to tuck in any extra filling as you roll. 


The breakfast wrap took TikTok by storm. This recipe combines a tortilla with an omelette and any other ingredients you would like. 

Grease a frying pan and let it warm to a medium heat. Whisk three eggs together with a pinch of salt and pepper, then pour into your pan. Once it begins to cook, put the wrap over it, flip it and add your choice of ingredients. Ham, spinach or tomatoes could be mixed into the omelette or bacon, sausages or cheese could be added into the middle. Once the omelette is cooked through, roll it up in the wrap and slice in half.

Another version of the breakfast wrap involves spreading jam, peanut butter or chocolate spread over the tortilla and adding a chopped up banana. This can be toasted too.


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Lunch wraps (or toaster-dillas) follow the same concept as the latter of the breakfast wraps. Just like a sandwich you can choose any filling you desire. The possibilities are endless, from chicken and cheese to tuna and sweetcorn. They’re delicious when toasted, or not if you prefer. 

Many users aim for a low calorie option, and as this user proved, the toastie wrap can be only 300 calories. Spread on pesto, then add peppers and mozzarella. Toast and serve. 


Fajitas and burritos are still excellent options, but there are endless tortilla ideas for your evening meal. One of the most popular on TikTok is the pizza wrap. Spread passata on the wrap, add cheese and any other toppings of your desire. Wrap them and place them on a baking tray in the oven for about seven minutes at 200°C/Gas Mark 6/180°C fan oven. 


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This can also be made as a flat version and with low calorie intake. Use a low-calorie tortilla, spread on passata and add fat-free mozzarella cheese. Place in the oven for about seven minutes at 200°C/Gas Mark 6/180°C fan oven. 

Tortilla lasagne is also popular on TikTok. Layer your wraps with browned off mince and cheese. You could also use sauces and add in vegetables. Bake for 25 minutes at 180°C/fan oven 160°C/Gas Mark 5 until browned.


S’mores in a wrap follows the same concept of the sweet breakfast wrap. Spread chocolate spread over it, add marshmallows and then toast it. 


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Serve with fruit or syrup for a nice twist. 

Snack (Cheers Mum for the money)

Cinnamon sugar tortilla chips are very simple. Cut your tortilla into 16 triangles, place on a tray and brush melted butter on top. Mix 30 grams of sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon, then sprinkle over your triangles. Bake for ten minutes at 180°C/fan oven 160°C/Gas Mark 5.


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If you fancy a savoury snack, try loaded tortillas. Slice your tortilla into 16 triangles and fry them. Arrange them in a bowl and dollop sauce in the middle. Add cheese and any other toppings.


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The possibilities of tortilla wraps are endless. Anything can go in if you dare, from crisps to vegan options. They can be toasted or not. Sweet or savoury. They are flexible – literally – but also in terms of meals. Tailor it to your taste by adding your favourite foods.

And that’s a wrap. 

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