Stirling politicians warn visitors not to crowd beauty spots

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Stirling’s MSP Bruce Crawford and MP Alyn Smith have warned visitors not to crowd beauty spots over the weekend.

This comes as famous locations like the Devils Pulpit at Finnich Glen close to Stirling have seen an increase in the number of visitors in recent weeks after coronavirus lockdown restrictions were eased. 

The spike in visitors has led to concerns over potential lack of social distancing and also the dangers to road traffic as cars are being parked dangerously at the side of the road. 

Commenting, Alyn Smith MP said: “Finnich Glen is a stunningly beautiful location, and we are extremely lucky to have it in our area. However, there are pre-existing issues around large numbers of people visiting Finnich Glen and the safety of the area has been raised with me on a number of occasions. 

“I’ve spoken about this issue with Stirling Council Environment Convener Jim Thomson and understand that there are a range of actions the local authority is looking to take to make that stretch of road safer for drivers. The fact of the matter is this: people parking in that way are breaking the law if they are putting other road users at risk.

“The message is simple, if Finnich Glen is busy, don’t go there. There is plenty of time to visit our stunning locations, and there is absolutely no need to put others in danger whilst doing so.”

Also, MSP Bruce Crawford said: “Right now, people should not be travelling more than five miles to reach any recreational location. Yes, there are issues around visitor numbers to the Finnich Glen area in general, and I have been working closely with the Council, the police and local land owners to address these in the best possible way. However, at this time in particular, people should be avoiding areas with lots of people.

“As of July 3rd, the advice will no longer be to stay within five miles of your home for recreational purposes. However, social distancing measures must still be in place. I have been concerned by the number of people visiting the Glen in photos posted on social media. This is far too risky. If you turn up to Finnich Glen – or any beauty spot – and see lots of cars and people, turn around and go elsewhere.”

In Scotland, people are advised not to travel more than five miles for recreational purposes. 

However, this rule will be relaxed as of 3 July.

Image credit: BBC News

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