Finnich Glen temporary closed to the public

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Stirling Council has implanted a temporary closure to Finnich Glen, due to concerns over public safety. 

The implemented closure will start from 00.01am on Saturday 27 June and will carry on until 11.59pm on Wednesday 1 July. 

Due to this members of the public will not be allowed to visit Finnich Glen, which is also known as the Devil’s Pulpit.

The measure to temporary close Finnich Glen has been put in place through an Exclusion of Access Right legal order, in consultation with the land owner and Stirling Area Local Access Forum. 

Commenting on the situation Cllr Jim Thomson, Environment & Housing convener, said: “This is a strong measure to tackle a serious problem.

“We are blessed with many rural beauty spots across the Stirling Council area but the influx of day trippers to this location in particular is causing a serious risk to public safety.

“Our hand has been forced by this and, in response to the landowner’s request, we are formally prohibiting public access to Finnich Glen with this temporary order.”

Image credit: Stirling Council

Cllr Danny Gibson, Vice Convener, also said: “I share the sense of relief that has come from the restrictions eased in Phase 2 but it’s not open season – far from it.

“Our car parks are still closed, our public toilets are still closed and it’s clear there is no infrastructure to handle the influx of people at rural beauty spots like Finnich Glen.

“People are risking their lives, and the lives of others, by abandoning their cars on corners and bad bends, then leaving all their rubbish behind for someone else to clear up. It is an utterly disgraceful set of circumstances and we have been left with no choice but to take action to protect public safety.” 

The step to temporary close the area comes after Stirling Council implemented temporary road closures with local access only on the B837 at Drymen and Bracklin Road in Callander.

This was then followed with a prevention of parking order at Dalvey Road in Callander.

Those closures have now been both extended along with the closure of Finnich Glen. 

Image credit: Scottish Field

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