The Scottish Parliament backs a £4.3 million deal for Stirling to tackle Covid-19

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SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has welcomed a Holyrood vote which approved an extra £4.3 million funding for Stirling Council due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Across Scotland, there has already been £258 million extra funding which has been approved to support food provision for those in need, education, and social care. 

Not only this but, the Scottish Government is in discussions with local authorities across Scotland to provide an extra £72 million.

Which will bring the total of extra funding to nearly £330 million. 

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford said: “The pandemic has put real pressure on families and local services, and it’s right that the Scottish Government has ensured Stirling Council has more cash to deal with this.

“This funding boost is supporting access to food, welfare payments and frontline services.

“I also welcome the additional flexibility given to councils in how money is spent, allowing resources to be diverted to the COVID-19 response if required.”

The extra funding is on top of the local government finance settlement of £11.4 billion. Which already provided an increase of £589.4 million compared to last year. 

Image credit: Stirling SNP

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