Five Hobbies to Pick Up During Lockdown

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Learning to build a life indoors has been a hard feat for us all. But there are things we can be doing to entertaining ourselves.

Things that bring us happiness or challenge us. Finding motivation to look for a new hobby is a new personal nightmare for us all. Not when we know there are things we can be doing if this wasn’t happening.

Right now, boredom and anxiety are two strong enemies. However, it’s important to take care of your mental wellbeing. This just means taking the time to care for yourself. Doing different things to take your mind off the world and putting your energy into something new.

Life will be waiting for you at the end of the road.

Until then, here are five new hobbies to take a hit at.


1. Scrap booking

A time old favourite that everyone has to try once. We’re already living in nostalgia; we may as well build something. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer for photos, because now there are apps to help.

Such as FreePrints. You get a selection of 500 free photos printed a year; all you need is to pay the shipping charge. The app itself is free and the photos are a good quality, all the better to work with.

Put your effort into creating something fun. Write little quotes beside your favourite photos and reminisce your childhood, your teenage dog days, your adulthood; anything.


2. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are way too underrated. Finding fun ones can be a challenge but with Spotify’s student premium, there are a few good ones to choose from. Of course, you can always flex back to the ole’ reliable YouTube podcasts if Spotify isn’t your gig.

Try Googling the best podcasts to see what comes up. There’s almost always something for someone, be it crime or confessions. Listening to other people talk is sometimes the most comforting thing.

Especially when their drama doesn’t affect you.


3. Declutter your surroundings

How about we start with your wardrobe? Binge watch Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix if you need real inspiration. But take in your room and if there’s too much, narrow it down to what you need.

Reflect on what you’ve worn in the last year, and if it’s still you. Put away all your winter clothes and make space for summer. Strangely, the more you buy, the less you wear. So, look around yourself and determine what’s still hot and what’s not.

And when you’re done with that, hit your make-up bag. If you haven’t worn that shade of lipstick in the last year; throw it.

4. Watch some tutorials

There’s always something to be learned. A small thing you might have seen on Instagram that one time might have stuck.

Now is better than ever to pick it up. Even if it’s something for you like learning how to do different braids for your hair. Or taking up calligraphy for beginners, maybe even photography.

Web sites like YouTube have an endless fountain of things to be learned. From hacking the perfect cat-winged eyeliner to drawing the world around you.

4. Take long daily walks

Get out of your house. I know some people hate the idea of being outside, but you’ll love it when you do. Create a playlist to walk to and let your mind unravel whilst you take a solo route.

Do it to let yourself think. To take everything in your life in without anyone watching or seeing. Taking the time to be on your own is more refreshing than ever. Especially when you have the music to match the mood.


Remember that although life has been halted, the world hasn’t stopped spinning. You still need to invest in yourself. Fill your surroundings with things that bring you happiness. Whether that be a Disney movie day, or yoga in the garden.

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Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

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