Double yellow lines installed around Finnich Glen

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Stirling Council has completed the installation of double yellow lines on the roads surrounding Finnich Glen, otherwise known as the Devil’s Pulpit.

The move at Finnich Glen comes after visitors to the area were parking their vehicles dangerously and in an inconsiderate manner, along grass verges and the side of the road. 

This has caused serious risk to public safety and negatively impacted local communities. 

The measures will allow the local authority to carry out enforcement activity to keep the following roads clear of parked cars: 

  • The A809 from outside the property known as Dualt to the boundary of Dalnair (2.26 miles)
  • The B834 from the junction of the A809 and the B834 to the junction of the B834/A81 (0.96 miles)
Image credit: Stirling Council
Image credit: Stirling Council

The move to install double yellow lines was also backed by local community groups during a consultation over the plans.

Convener of Stirling Council’s Environment and Housing Committee, Cllr Jim Thomson said: “The Council has fast-tracked the installation of double yellow lines on the roads around Finnich Glen due to the serious risks to public safety from dangerous and reckless parking. 

“People have been showing no regard to their safety or that of others. This must stop. I would urge visitors to the area to comply with the parking restrictions – if they don’t, enforcement action will be taken.”

The move supersedes the emergency ‘no waiting’ restrictions in the area that were in force between 26 June and 16 July. 

The move also comes on the back of the council acting to temporarily remove access rights to Finnich Glen on public safety grounds, due to concerns over the number of people visiting the area. 

Vice Convener of the Committee, Cllr Danny Gibson said: “The Council has a duty to protect its communities and the wider public and will continue to take any necessary steps to do so.

“With the easing of lockdown, we are looking forward to welcoming back tourists to the Stirling area, but visitors must not disrupt the lives of local residents and risk public safety by parking irresponsibly as we have seen at Finnich Glen. 

“Our message is clear – the Council will enforce these restrictions to keep people safe.”

Council officers will be patrolling the affected roads over the weekend to enforce the new parking restrictions.

Police Scotland will also have presence in the area.

Image credit: BBC News

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