The future of Award Shows

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The ongoing global pandemic has caused a lot of problems for many, especially in the entertainment business. All in-person production has been shuttered and cinema closure has meant films are being pushed back or released online for far too much money (£15.99 for Trolls 2!).

These changes have created a lot of questions about the future of award shows and festivals. Here is a brief summary of what we know.

– Both The Golden Globes and The Oscars have announced later dates for their shows

– The BAFTA TV awards are to take place on July 27 live on BBC One. It will be hosted by comedian Richard Ayoade in a closed studio.

– The Emmy’s are still going forward and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the third time despite recent controversy around his history of blackface. It is unclear how it will be aired but we know it will be on Sunday Sept. 20 (or 1am on Monday Sept. 21 in the UK)

With Covid-19 infection rates in some places still going up, and the possibility of a second wave not ruled out, there is still a chance that things will continue to change. It is likely that if production halts continue that there will be a period of time where new film and tv content will be reduced.

This will have a knock-on effect leaving award show selection with fewer things to choose from.

It is possible that Television will fare better than film as it doesn’t rely on Theatres being open.

No matter how soon things start to get back to normal people are coming up with more and more alternatives and with extensive backlogs of content available online it’s doubtful that we will run out of things to watch anytime soon.


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