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University develops e-learning programme to enhance cancer care

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Staff at the University of Stirling have collaborated with other healthcare professionals, organisations and lecturers at other universities to develop an e-learning programme for nurses to improve cancer care.

The programme named ‘Cancer Nursing Careers’ aims to provide a platform and opportunity for cancer-caring nurses to learn new skills that they can use when supporting cancer patients in a non-specialist cancer setting.

Dr Susanne Cruickshank and Professor Jayne Donaldson who work within the University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport assisted in the development of the programme’s content alongside Dr Vanessa Taylor at the University of Huddersfield.

Dr Cruickshank, who is now the strategic lead for applied health research at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust said: “Cancer affects one in every two people, however, there is wide variability in an individual nurses knowledge, skills and competencies related to cancer.”

Credit: University of Stirling

“The Cancer Nursing Careers programme is an excellent resource for nurses and will help ensure that nurses -regardless of the setting in which they work- have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care to those affected by cancer.”

In reference to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, Cruickshank said: “The current situation has directly impacted cancer services and it is important that they return to normal as quickly and as safely as possible. Nurses can prepare by undertaking cancer-specific learning such as the Cancer Nursing Careers programme.”

The e-learning resource was funded by a grant from Health Education England. It is available on Health Education England’s learning hub here and is free of charge to nurses across the UK

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