ScotRail paint masks on two Intercity trains

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Scotrail have painted face masks on two trains to remind people about the mandatory wearing of face coverings on public transport. 

This comes after Scotrail announced that on some of their routes, barely 40% of passengers were wearing face coverings. 

Additionally, some drivers have reported that people are taking their face coverings off as they enter the trains.

Syeda Ghufran, Scotrail Engineering Director said: “While it’s encouraging to see that most people across the country are following the requirement and covering their face when travelling, we need everyone to take personal responsibility for their travel choices.

“The mandatory wearing of face coverings helps keep you, your fellow customers, and our people safe.”

Ghufran continued to say: “By applying a face covering to two of our iconic high-speed Inter7City trains, we hope to help raise more awareness about the mandatory wearing of face coverings on our trains and in our stations.”

Face coverings on public transport and shops are compulsory, in Scotland and the UK.

Scotrail have also reminded people not to travel if they are showing any COVID-19 symptoms. 

Image credit: Scotrail Twitter

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