Origins: the promising Scottish film with fundraising dreams

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In recent years Scotland has shown a lot of promise in the Film and TV sector with big films like Avengers: Endgame and Outlaw King being filmed here. Hopefully there are more to come. Small screen productions are also growing, with lots of new and exciting projects popping up all the time.

Cut to: Origins, a brand new Scottish Mythology film from Silly Wee Films, a Glasgow based production company.

The fantasy feature, set in the Highlands of Scotland, follows Eiffe Dwyer on the eve of her wedding day as disaster strikes her village. She must save her friends and family and embrace her powers.

Three Stirling University students are involved in the project, each in a different capacity. Rhys Flemming is a runner, Oliver King created the website and Kate Stone is a production assistant.

Independent productions like this give young people interested in film the vital skills and experience needed to help get their foot in the door of a very competitive field. It is exciting to see promising Stirling students be involved in projects like this. It demonstrates that opportunities are out there.

Currently in pre-production, the film has set up a fundraiser so they can create a sizzle reel – a short video used to present the concept, in the hopes of gaining interest and investment in the project.

In just 26 days they have already raised just over £3000 but are still only half of the way to their goal. They have until August 13 to reach the full £6000 needed.

On their campaign page, they provide information about how the money will be used and updates on their progress.

Contributors will receive perks depending on the amount that they pledge. These perks range from promotional t-shirts to hand-to-hand combat training or an executive producer credit.

Speaking of what it would mean for the film to reach its goal and be completed, Kate Stone said:

“It would mean that Scottish mythology and the film industry in Scotland could finally get acknowledgement, and we can present a wonderful fantasy film about identity, friendship and love within our beautiful little country!”

There is more information about the project on their website and their Facebook page, as well as updates about what the team are working on. You can also find the teaser trailer here.

Featured image credit: Origins Facebook page. 

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