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Some of the toughest weeks I’ve had in a long time have ironically happened when every other part of my life is on point. 

Our student newspaper is thriving, I have a job in the midst of a wave of unemployment, I have many wonderful friends and the free time to spend time with them on a weekly basis. 

Lockdown is easing, and normality is regaining its place in our lives. Yet the past three weeks my mind has been circling with self doubt and stupid situations that would never happen in reality. 

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I have struggled with anxiety since I started high school. Panic attacks in the school toilets,  an unhealthy relationship with alcohol since my late teens and countless sleepless nights due to my mind racing with negative thoughts. 

Sometimes when life is good it’s hard to forget the massive part mental health plays. 

A couple of great months and it will come creeping up on you like a tidal wave. Hitting you when there is no apparent reason can elevate these feelings, making everything ten times worse. 

So it’s important to check in with yourself even when everything seems perfect.

Putting off your mental health till it gets so bad you can’t function, like avoiding a mundane task on your to do list can lead to a detrimental plummet in months to come. 

Self care and mindfulness isn’t something to practice only when you feel terrible. It’s something to incorporate into your daily routine so you are prepared for when the inevitable bad days come. 

It’s always okay to not be okay. To put off those emails for another couple of days, give yourself a break before you need it. 

As life returns to normal, don’t feel like you have to catch up for the months we have missed. Don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Suffering from mental health comes in waves. One week You can feel unstoppable, high achieving and successful. The next a shower can be the toughest task. 

Take it week by week and keep checking in. The good days will come again and you will be okay. 

To seek help for mental health there are many online resources available:,

To seek help for mental health there are many online resources available:,

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