Lockdown Lunch: Reviewed

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If you’re running low on lunch ideas, then Bleed Green TV has you sorted with their new segment, Lockdown Lunch.

Featuring members of different sport clubs, Ruairi Macleod, a third year and member of the university’s frisbee team, was the first individual to feature in the series.

Viewers were given the chance to find out more about Macleod’s lockdown experience as he made a tomato, mushroom and spinach omelette.

Due to Macleod’s personal preference, the end result looked more like scrambled egg on toast. Nonetheless, it proved to be a quick and easy recipe, and ideal for a student budget.  

In a break from cooking. Macleod explained how over lockdown he had gone home to the Shetland Islands, where he had been busy working.  

“I’ve been very fortunate as I’ve been able to return to my usual job working at a major supermarket chain. I’ve been working on the door, letting customers into the shop, I’ve been on checkout. I’ve even been a trolley boy!” said Macleod. 

As a result of constantly dealing with members of the public, Macleod chose to intentionally distance himself from the rest of his family.

“I’ve not seen as much of them compared to a lot of people during this time but it’s been good to see more of them than I would have done during uni.”

After a short question and answer session, the cooking resumed with Macleod spooning the mixture onto two pieces of buttered toast. Whilst he admitted that the meal didn’t look the best, it was healthy and a more interesting alternative to simple scrambled egg on toast. It also tasted good!

If you’re interested in making your own tomato, mushroom and spinach omelette (or scrambled egg), scroll down for the recipe. The quantities can vary depending on how hungry you are. 

Credit: Jessie Hosking


2x eggs

4x small mushrooms

Handful of spinach, freshly washed

1x beef tomato

Small amount of oil- doesn’t matter what type

2x slices of bread



  1. Crack eggs into a measuring jug
  2. Chop the tomato, spinach and mushroom up into small pieces
  3. Add some salt and pepper to the eggs and whisk
  4. Turn the hob on to a medium heat and add oil to the pan
  5. Pour in the egg mixture, adding the rest of the chopped ingredients on top
  6. Push the mixture around, making sure it all cooks. This should take 4-5 minutes
  7. Whilst the mixture’s cooking, now would be an ideal time to put the bread into the toaster.
  8. Once the toast has popped, butter it and add the scrambled egg mixture on top.
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