Politics Society GIAG Social TONIGHT: Model United Nations

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Stirling University’s non-partisan Politics Society invites all students to roleplay and have a laugh in international diplomacy

Whether you’re a fresher navigating Stirling University’s many societies struggling to find your alignment, or a returning student with a zest for politics, the uni’s Politics Society is hosting a Give it a Go evening tonight, at 18:30PM to give students a taster of international politics, being an international diplomat for a few hours, and to socialise with others interested in emulating and traversing the international political landscape!

No costumes specified, so no need for a Simpson style meltdown-

You leave tomorrow for the statewide Model U.N., so this is out last chance  to bone up. And bone we will! : TheSimpsons
What not to do at your model UN meeting! Image Credit: IMDb

The event is happening through Microsoft Teams and can be found by going onto Stirling University Politics Society’s FB page, and checking out their GIAG- link to the team chat is provided on the event page.

For students interested in dipping their toes into politics, this GIAG is a great way to meet likeminded (and otherwise!) individuals and get into campus politics.

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