Top tips to save your skin from mask breakouts

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It is inevitable that face coverings are going to be a part of our foreseeable future. Getting used to wearing them can take a bit of time but once you do, they are barely an inconvenience.

The best masks to purchase are 100% cotton, adjustable and are different to suit different outfits. Although the last one isn’t too important.

100% cotton facemasks are more breathable and comfortable for your skin and adjustable ones allow you to go about your day without sacrificing your vision.

One thing that has come up, which may not seem to important in the midst of a global pandemic, is breakouts from wearing masks. People who have to wear them during long shifts may be more prone but even a two-hour trip to the shops or on a train journey can spark a breakout.

Whilst not seeming like a massive problem in a pandemic, breakouts can irritate your skin, lower your confidence and leave you feeling very ‘bleh’. A feeling we have absolutely enough of in the current climate.

Here is some guidance to saving your skin and general mask hygiene.

It seems like common sense but: wash your mask as much as possible. If you have a reusable face mask you really should be washing it after every use. Using regular detergent can be very harsh for your skin so washing it with antibacterial soap and boiling water, or sensitive non-bio detergent are better options.

Likewise, purchase a couple of facemasks to allow time to wash, dry and rotate your masks. This means your masks have time to dry and you don’t have to stress about whether or not your mask will be dry for your shift the next day.

From one facemask to another. Cosmetic face masks are your friend. I never thought I’d have to distinguish between face masks but here we are.

Clay masks are the best after a long period of wearing your face covering. Your skin is likely to be sweaty so a sheet mask that adds moisture isn’t the best option, whereas a clay mask works by drawing out any excess oil and dirt from your pores.

Purchasing a good toner is essential. A lot of people have been spraying them on the inside of their masks to stop breakouts. Either way, a toner is a quick and easy way to refresh your skin throughout the day.

Tea tree-based toners refresh your skin without drying it out. You can purchase toners from any supermarkets.

But purchasing a better one is worth it in the long run as they last for six plus months. Lush have a number of fantastic ones. I swear by, “a breath of fresh air” for a natural, effective pick-me-up that keeps your skin clear.

And most importantly, please remember to wear your mask.

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