What students can do with the weekend indoors

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So guys: all of us students have been asked not to go out this weekend.  We’re avoiding all of our favourite pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

This news has been controversial, many feeling like they have been blamed for the actions of a select minority.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and there are a few things that students can do to make the most of the weekend indoors while they can’t go out.

Making the most of this weekend to be productive and getting through your to-do list will do wonders for mental health, and could have you feeling better come Monday morning.

So when you’re not working, take your mind off of that gin or latte that you could be having, and put your mind to one of these.

Catch up on coursework

Got that reading still to do? A seminar task that still needs to be done? Some lectures begging for your attention on listen again?Then get caught up!

You can’t go out, so hit the books.  Feeling all caught up and ready for a fresh start on Monday morning will prepare you for the week and relieve the stress of next weeks workload.

Time to clean up

Is there a menacing pile of dishes at your kitchen sink or a bunch of dirty washing thats just annoying you?

Time to clean up.

A productive weekend of cleaning up the flat or your bedroom will not only create a positive productive feeling, but it will also give you a good space for learning from home.

A tidy home improves your mental health, will make you more productive with your uni work and is a much healthier space to live in.

Get through the Netflix list

Remember that series that you added to your list a few months back that you didn’t quite get to? Well if you have a moment to spare, then sit back and relax and get that series watched, or at least started.

If you manage to get through it, have a browse through the rest of your streaming sites to see if there is anything else that you fancy watching.

Have a movie night

Finished everything else for the day? Then grab some snacks, maybe a drink and crash on the couch and stick on your favourite flicks.

Probably best to stick with the lighthearted ones, comedies and happy endings to make it a positive night.

I do highly recommend a Disney night for all the Disney+ people out there.

Try some new recipes

Can’t go out for dinner?  Then why not try and cook something amazing for yourself.  Find a recipe for something that you think will be really delicious and grow on an apron and make yourself that recipe from that Nosh for Students book youve had since first year but never opened.

You never know, you may turn out to be quite the chef and end up saving money on coffee and takeaways. (Student journalists not included.)

Call your friends

We can’t meet more than two households, so if you’re staying indoors then why not have a Zoom/Teams call with your friends or family? We’re all used to it by now but maybe a group call just to sit around chatting about things is what will help you, then there is nothing stopping you.

All Stirling student have access to Microsoft Teams through their student email account.

Yes, we’re all in a bad situation, some worse than others, but the one thing that won’t make a bad situation any better is moaning about it. 

So why we’re all indoors this weekend let’s make the most of it. We did it for months during lockdown then we sure as hell can do it for a weekend.

Let’s do something that will make us feel much better and more positive this coming Monday morning.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some tidying up to do.

Please remember that if you show any Coronavirus symptoms to stay indoors, self-isolate and follow the Government’s advice.

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