In The Run Up to the US Election: Biden’s Battle

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November 3rd is expected to be a significant date in American politics, as incumbent Republican president Donald Trump seeks a second term in office. His Democratic opponent Joe Biden was Vice President during Barrack Obama’s presidency, and so he is well known in the American political atmosphere.

So far, Trump’s first four years have laid out a foundation for American nationalism to become the centre of attention. His supporters, mostly identifying as conservatives have mostly supported his work so far, even though the Trump administration is not in and of itself conservative, according to American conservative Charles Sykes.

In fact, it may be more suitable to call Trump’s politics nationalist. Many supporters have expressed their love for the American flag and nation and have called for Americans to be put first. This is no subtle act. Kneeling during the national anthem has been seen as a cardinal sin and the nationalist slogan Make America Great Again brought a huge base of American right wingers together.

In 2020, Americans face a choice. Four more years of a Republican presidency under Trump, or a different, but familiar path of a Democrat presidency. This has divided opinion between American left-wingers and those supporting centrist politics.

Shortest. Presidential. Election. Ever. - The Boston Globe
Trump and Biden will face eachother in various debates leading up to Nov 3rd. Image Credit: AP

For those supporting centre to centre left liberal politics, a Biden presidency may come as a huge break in the clouds of what to them has felt like a tough and challenging four years. Whilst the same sentiment can be echoed further left on the spectrum, it is for different reasons.

Biden’s popularity among left wingers in America is much less. After Bernie Sanders exit from the presidency, having tried for a second opportunity, feelings of alienation and hopelessness were common. To them, Biden has a history having served in Obama’s presidency, so they are well aware of both his and Obama’s alignments.

It is not just the left-wing Americans who may feel hopeless about this election. It is also libertarian supporters on the right, many of which are prepared to vote for a third party. And third party voting is being viewed as the best tactic to prevent a second term Trump presidency.

Whilst third party voting might be a popular opinion to keep Trump from victory, this is not shared by every American voter. Those who vote third party may do so simply because they don’t have confidence in either the Republican or the Democrat nominee. And states which may be the difference between a Trump or a Biden presidency this year are hot on the list for both nominees as they seek to secure swing votes.

The question is if Biden can do enough to win support from swing states, or if a surge of third party votes will reduce his chances. The race is on to decide, but states like Michigan are key for Biden if he is to increase his odds.

Other elements that may be critical for Biden will be related to the reignited Black Lives Matter movement, after George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. It is apparent that Trump is focused on law and order in states which have Democrat governors and cities which have Democrat mayors.

As always, the media will be an influence towards both nominees. Right wing leaning Fox News has not been consistent with its support towards Trump, and Trump himself has made his feelings on the matter evident. American polls currently show that Biden has the edge over Trump.

What is not surprising is that in Republican states like Montana and Ohio, polls show Trump leading. Whereas in states like Arizona and Texas the polls are incredibly close. This may play a key role in securing swing state votes.

The Republicans have employed recent tactics such as the removal of USPS post boxes, and have expressed concern over mail-in-voting, whereas the Democrats have strengthened their support for mail-in-voting as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in America. All eyes remain on the polls as they continue to be updated every day to reflect upon current support.

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