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What I wish first year me knew

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You’re going to love all the things you’re afraid of later. I know, this is such a common saying. But in first year, everything is new and strange.

From the people you’re around to the places you’ll go.

I wish I’d known not to be so afraid of opportunities. That although change is entirely intimidating, that it opens so many doors to so much emotion. Whether it good or bad, I wish these were some of the things first year me knew.

After all, it only dawned on me later that I wasn’t alone in my feelings.

You won’t be either; in first year, we’re all in the same boat. No one really knows anyone, or maybe you were lucky enough to start uni with some friends. Either way, the main point is you’re not in that clueless cloud of isolation alone.

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Some people do adapt quicker than others but that’s okay. You have to take your time to adapt to your new home. Don’t be afraid of your city, after all, you’re going to be there for a while.

Fall in love with Stirling’s night life, don’t shy away from it based on other people’s experiences. Best advice is to kill your comfort zone before it kills you

Go out and make your own mistakes. I always strived for perfection in first year, it was only in second year I realised it was overrated. You’re not going to have a picture perfect uni experience. Why should you want that? Carve your own way through university, do what you want.

I thought I’d be living it up like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Little did I know our toilet would flood in our flat. Most nights I was traipsing back from the Atrium because I needed to use the bathroom. Not because of a wild one in the Union.

Sure, not a sexy story but it’s funny to look back on.

Not everything has to be so serious. Trust me when I say, deadlines are not the final destination. Now I’m not saying skip all your lectures and forget about assignments here. I’m just saying take it easy, stress less because in first year there are endless opportunities.

Even in seminars, you can find some. There’s where I met almost all my friends through ridiculous small talk and sudden announcements of readings.

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Trust me; no bond is stronger than one born from dread of a nine am. Especially when no one else has done the reading for that class.

Personally, I regret not making more mistakes. The ones I have made would make a saint curse, but they all taught me something. To make the most of first year, you really have to make your guardian angels scream in frustration.

I wish I had done more now that I’m looking back. Most of my stories come from second year, which was probably my favourite. However, as I hurdle into third year towards my final destination, I like to reflect.

Don’t be held back by your own fears. Go on that night out the girl from your seminar invites you on. Take a break from your studies to go see a film or a cheeky karaoke night in Kilted. But one final thing I wish I knew in first year is; there is no such thing as too many coat hangers.

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Deputy Editor of Brig Newspaper. Fourth year journalism and English student at the University of Stirling. Lover of covering social issues and creator of 'The Talk' column for everyone who needs to hear it.

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