Food tips for Freshers

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Moving away from home and learning how to live by yourself is hard. Suddenly you’re having to do your own laundry and cook your own meals. Here are Brig’s food tips for Freshers.

Meal plan

Student budgets are tight, so plan your meals in advance. Plan around existing ingredients by checking what is already in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. Write down what you are planning to eat each day and ensure all the required ingredients are on a shopping list and you’ll save plenty. At Stirling most students shop weekly, especially when living on campus, so planning is essential. 

The freezer is your friend

Freezing leftovers can give you meals for the next week and cuts down on wastage. Frozen vegetables are also a great idea. You can buy a lot for little and they won’t go off like fresh ones will. If you can, coordinate with your flatmates and share regularly used frozen foods as there will be little freezer room. Make sure to pack things in tightly and not to leave stuff in there for the entire year. 

Group cooking

Many flatmates will cook for each other and take turns to prepare meals. This will bring you closer together as a flat as it’s nice to get to know the people you are living with. You can cook larger meals and buy in bulk so it’s cheaper. If everyone takes their turn, it works flawlessly. 

Basic is fine

Not everything you cook must be complicated and fancy. There is nothing wrong with beans on toast or a pizza from the freezer. Whilst you can’t live on these all year round, they save time when you’re busy and can be very tasty. 

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