Things to remember on those days when you are feeling down

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Times are tough at the moment. With plans forever changing things can certainly feel pretty isolating and dull. Times are really hard at the moment and we are all experiencing some dark days. But on days when you are feeling really low and stressed here are some things I try and remember that really help me and I hope they help you to.

Everyone you meet in life is either for a reason, season or lifetime.

Lockdown and isolation have made it hard to keep in touch with some people. It has also made it hard to meet new people and make friends. When you’re missing someone, or you’re sat in your room in halls having not really gelled with your flatmates, remember that the people you meet in life each serve a purpose.

If they are lifelong friends, know that things will work out naturally. Other relationships may only last for a short period. You can love your time with them too, but it is okay to realise when it is time to let them go. Don’t lose sleep over a relationship that was always meant to fade.

A few relationships come into your life to teach you a lesson about yourself. Perhaps helping you realise what qualities you don’t like in people. Either way, it is important to meet these people too. Don’t let yourself feel down about losing a friend or not finding your crowd at uni. Things take time and the people you have met so far have helped you grow as a person, one way or another.

I know at the moment that it is impossible to comprehend, as none of us know when things will go back to normal. But everything you are worried about will pass. As time goes on, you will have other things to worry about. Things have a habit of working out if you just let them be and whatever is troubling you at the moment will change

Times will get easier

May it be uni-work, a new job, or an old relationship. Things will always get better if you just keep going! A good saying to remember is this- if it won’t matter in five years do not spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

Try and remember what you are working towards.

On days when you are just feeling a bit fed up or overwhelmed. Think about what your goals are. Maybe it’s to get this job, to see that concert or travel somewhere. Whatever it is, think about the moment when you will finally achieve this goal and look forward to it. You could make a mood board or draw it, to help you visualise it. Try and remember what you love and what makes you happy.

Remember the people that love you and who you can talk to when you are feeling down.

People really do love you. There is always someone to talk to and although it may be hard, try and reach out to them. People are much more willing to listen to you and help you than you may think. Never feel like you are a burden as we all have our dark days and you are allowed to have them too.

If you don’t feel like you have any close family or a friend you can talk to, there are many support numbers you can call. Including the University Nightline service which is an anonymous and confidential phone service where you can phone in and talk to someone.

Credit Stirling Nightline

Living on a student budget can be tight. But if at all possible, buy yourself something you love or something you have always wanted. Even if it’s just your favourite food. This may not seem like a lot, but it really does help cheer you up.

Put work on pause and buy yourself one of your favourite things or do your favourite activity.

Or if there is something you love doing make sure you do it, and lots of it! On days when you are feeling down put uni-work on pause and do something to cheer you up. Do not force yourself to be productive on days when you are not feeling it.

Get off social media

This is important. Although social media can be amazing, it is not always good for your mental health. And it is definitely not something to spend all your time on when you are feeling down.

Try deleting some of your social media apps so that you are not tempted to go on them. After a couple hours without them you will begin to feel a bit better about yourself.

Accept the fact that today may not be a good day.

The worst thing you can do is get annoyed at yourself for having a bad mental health day. Everyone has them, even if on the outside their life seems great.

Be gentle with yourself, let yourself sleep in, eat what you want and forget about being perfect. Don’t force yourself to be too productive if you don’t feel like it. You need to allow yourself time to breath and recover. Tomorrow is a new day and next week is a new week. For now, just let yourself heal and you can deal with all your tasks when you feel up to it.

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