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The kindness of filtering

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If I could travel back in time… To a greater or lesser extent that thought has crossed everyone’s mind. I’m sure yours too. But there’s something about traveling back in time we don’t usually consider. You have more experience and more knowledge now than you had even just a second ago.

You judge your own actions from a different perspective, with a clearer head and more information. That’s why I don’t think anyone should travel in time, despite how awesome it would be. Yes, maybe you could’ve done better. But then you wouldn’t be who you are now. You would never evolve.

Time and experiences change you. If there’s something I’ve learnt is the importance of getting a positive outcome from bad experiences and awful mistakes. Relationships are the most important example.

People come and go. You come and go with them. The key to this is to acknowledge that they don’t necessarily leave because you’ve done something wrong. Think of relationships as waves; you can catch them, but they’ll still follow their own way.

If I had to tell something to my younger self, I would tell her to invest energy in the people that multiply it. Don’t drain yourself in people you don’t get anything from. But not in a material way, don’t get me wrong. This is not about money.

As selfish as it might sound, it is not. Filtering who you spend time with is the biggest act of self-love you can exercise. And the biggest act of love in general. Time is the most precious thing you can share with someone, neither of you will ever get it back in any sort of way.

The time and energy you invest in people has to reverberate. It’s not a one-way street. So, to myself four years ago: invest in people who fuel your energy, and you will fuel theirs. Anything else will be a waste of time. Of your time, and of theirs. So be kind to the people that are around you. Be kind to yourself. Choose people carefully, and they’ll know you’re worth being chosen.

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