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Lizzo: 100% that b***h

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Black History Month is the time to appreciate black figures, especially the ones we personally admire. We’re here to do that. One empowering black woman who I personally admire is the modern lyrical genius Lizzo.

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Lizzo is most notably recognised for her voice. She is the soundtrack to many of our lives and is a prominent black figure intent on making a more inclusive and accepting world.

She made her claim to fame in 2019 hit Juice released from her third studio album, Cuz I Love You. However, I think we all know her real art lies in the lyrics of her hit singles Truth hurts and Good as hell.

Not only does she create vibes for all moods, but she’s collecting the clout she deserves.

Her music has helped shape this generation. Every song she releases has a different tempo for all her listeners. Whether you’re looking for some self-love (My skin) or bad bitch lyrics to vibe with (Ain’t I).

She has also expressed that her music is inclusive. Although it’s written from a black woman’s perspective, she said in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“Yeah, there’s hella white people at my shows. What am I gonna do, turn them away? My music is for everybody.”

In 2019, Time named the singer, dancer, and flutist Entertainer of the Year. No wonder. Lizzo creates space for her audience when performing. She is not only a strong black woman but an icon in her own right by standing up what she believes in so publicly.

One of these beliefs is being publicly body-normative. After all, Lizzo is not only a black woman but also plus size, two things the media often goes out of the way to critique. However, Lizzo is making waves in her journey to empower women of all sizes.

Credit: Redcarpet-fashionawards.com

She doesn’t let anyone bully her for her figure. She instead uses her platform to highlight body-normativity, and when the issue arises, criticises body positivity for being too normalised. It’s a refreshing scene to see in the media, especially when life is so filtered and fake.

In January 2020 she was nominated for an impressive eight awards at the 62nd Annual Grammy. At the end of the night, she strutted home with three wins; Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Traditional R&B Performance.

For the black community, she is an example of greatness. She is not only a ‘singer’ and fantastic flutist but a voice for the people. She is a black woman whose voice is being heard. In just one year she managed to make a name for herself.

That’s revolutionary; it’s showing the world that age nor discrimination can stop you. She embodies everything a woman can be. She’s changing the media to fit a more accepting narrative, welcoming fans from all over to carry the torch of acceptance and body positivity.

Few black plus size women have made such moves. Lizzo is a musical icon, a black icon, and a body-positive icon. The room she is making for more black creators will make an impact later in life, and that deserves respect.

Overall, Lizzo delivers that “100% that bitch” energy. She is a great influence to follow because she faces her hardships head on. She is a creator and a leader; she doesn’t back down. Which is something we can all learn from.

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