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Duncan Remains Undefeated in Milan

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Scottish MMA sensation aptly named “The Problem”, Chris Duncan, has scored his third victory on the world stage knocking out Iamik Furtado in the second round at Bellator 247.

The undefeated 27-year-old from Tullibody is exclusively signed to Bellator, the second biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion globally behind the UFC.

This was Duncan’s first outing overseas although due to the safety precautions he spent most of the time there in his hotel room with his corner team.

His experience of Milan consisted of an airport, a hotel room and a fight arena with no crowd and some private taxis in between.

He exclusively told Brig: “We couldn’t get out much, but it was a good to see that I’m able to perform well with the bare minimum.

“Professional MMA athletes usually have access to saunas and steam rooms which allow them to meet their scheduled weight for a fight.”

Duncan who represents the newly opened Evo Gym in Stirling was able to train throughout lockdown as he had a professional athlete’s exemption.

“My camp was actually more fine-tuned than usual; I was more selective with my sparring partners and if anything, that was a benefit.”

The fight which against the experienced Furtado who fights out of Portugal and hails from Guinea-Bissau saw Duncan pile on the pressure, feinting his way into powerful shots and controlling Furtado’s movement in the first round.

In the second round Duncan found his range which so far has been game over for all his opponents, Furtado was no different as Duncan dropped him with a powerful flurry late in the round and followed up with thunderous hammer fists calling a stop to the fight.

Bellator 247 was the promotion’s debut on CBS Sports in the US, it aired on Sky Sports Mix in the UK. Duncan opened the Main Card and is now hoping to break into the US.

“My Manager is getting the visa sorted, I’m definitely ready for the big Bellator shows in America now.”

Duncan is rearing to get back inro the cage, and he is willing to take on all comers.

“When [Bellator] put the name down I’ll sign the contract”

As well as a US debut Duncan, one of the four Scots on Bellator contracts, would also like to see the promotion make a trip to the SSE in Glasgow once crowds can return. “It’s inevitable, I think they need to get that in the pipeline with all the talent coming out of Scotland, I would love to headline a Scottish Bellator show and put it all on the line for my people.”

You can follow Duncan on Instagram and Twitter @theproblem155.

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