Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre manager announces MSP bid for 2021

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Mridul Wadhwa has become the latest local politician to launch a bid to become the local SNP MSP candidate for Stirling in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Wadhwa, manager of the Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre (FVRCC) in Stirling, publicly announced her candidacy bid last Monday via Twitter. The potential candidate is a vocal activist in trans-rights, women-rights and was a key proponent for #Vote100 in 2018.

If selected and successful in the 2021 elections, she would be the first trans-woman and woman of colour to serve in The Scottish Parliament.

Before migrating to Scotland Wadwha ran a successful business in India with her husband. One of her main areas of concern for Stirling will be the investment in public-transport and green, affordable housing for the area, with a focus on affordable rents and home ownership.

Wadhwa said: “Scotland is a country that above all, values compassion and justice. We are an ambitious country that strives to look after the most vulnerable among us. As long as we remain shackled to Westminster, we are left with one hand tied behind our back. Only with independence can we look to achieve our full potential as a forward-looking nation.”

“We have thriving communities and limitless talent in Stirling. Our communities are not immune from the hostility, brutality or austerity of the UK Government. We cannot turn away from the poverty and inequality that persists. Building on the good work of Bruce Crawford MSP, I would fight to make sure that all of our communities had the voice in Holyrood that they deserve.”

When asked about her experience for the role, she said: “As a violence against women sector worker, I have dealt with the injustices of homelessness, poverty and trauma every working day of my life in Scotland. Working on the frontline has given me an insight into what needs to be done to alleviate these.”

“As the Stirling MSP, I want to see the rural and urban inequalities that exist in the constituency to be a thing of the past, but that is not enough, we also need to create opportunities and resources so that the ambitions of all the residents of Stirling are met.”

“This means that crucially, we need to make significant investments in accessible, affordable public transport; building the technology infrastructure that allows us to connect our rural residents and economy to the rest of Scotland and the world, Investing in the skills of the Stirling labour market to play the part in leading Stirling and Scotland as the pioneers of a green economy.

“However, these measures need to be matched by good affordable housing in the private and social housing sectors, increased social security payments for those in poverty, investments in reducing the education attainment gap, well-resourced mental health care.” 

“Equality is not achieved when our Black and Minority Ethnic, Disabled and LGBTQ plus residents are excluded. As a candidate of a diverse background who has worked within these communities, I can reach within Stirling’s diverse community to ensure that structural inequality that continues to exclude minorities is reduced.”

Wadhwa is one of four potential SNP candidates that have announced their campaigns for Stirlingshire after political veteran MSP Bruce Crawford announced his retirement earlier this year after over 30 years in the SNP party. The potential candidates include Westminster Parliamentary Assistant Sameeha Rehmanm, Stirling Councillor’s Evelyn Tweed and Susan McGill, and Falkirk Council leader Ellen Forson.

Featured Image: Mridul Wadhwa Twitter

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