First Co-op franchise store in Scotland opens in Atrium tomorrow

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The university campus will host the first Scottish Co-op franchise store since the brand opened up for independent retailers last year.

Sometimes living on campus feels like you’re 200 miles away from the nearest Tesco; especially whilst hungover or drowning in assignments, when the idea of getting into town seems as unachievable as time travel, a perfect fringe, or your zoom call encountering exactly zero technical errors for its duration. A new Co-op will open tomorrow, 22nd October, on Stirling university’s campus, to add even more choice to your grocery/booze shopping options.

The new Co-op will reside merrily in the atrium, open from 07:00AM – 12:00 AM 7 days a week: perfect for late nights and early mornings on campus, and possible part-time work opportunities for students.

A new co-op will reside on campus. Image credit, Dimitris Legakis

The shop comes to the campus in partnership with existing store Nisa, and is one of 14 Co-op franchise stores in the UK. It is the first in Scotland.

Co-op Food, previously trading as The Co-operative Food, is a brand devised for the food retail business of the consumer co-operative movement in the United Kingdom. The brand is used by over 15 different co-operative societies which operate over 4,000 shops, and does not represent one single food retail business.

The store perhaps most uniquely will run on 100% renewable energy, with care for the environment and an example to other retailers for the future at the forefront of operations.

The outlet will also offer students beverages from a Seattle coffee point, with dedicated hot drinks facilities to give you your morning jolt of caffeine.

Martin Rogers, head of new channels at the Co-op, said: “At the Co-op we are always looking for ways to reach new customers and members, and this a hugely exciting opportunity to grow our brand north of the border.

“Our franchise stores operate in exactly the same way as a company owned store and all of our partners have access to a full-service model, receiving support, tools and training to enable them to grow their business with the Co-op.”

Win-win for us all, with the student population proving to be a very lucrative base for retailers, and in turn students enjoy more convenient on-campus options for groceries. Let’s hope they keep the prices low!

The store has said they will focus on fresh, heathy produce, wine, ready-meals, pizzas, free-from, vegan and Fairtrade products, and food-to-go. Catering to their demographic, indeed.

The Co-op opens tomorrow with stringent social distancing in place: measures will include a limit on the number of customers in the store, protective screens at checkouts and the wearing of visors and face-coverings.

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