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First Minister confirms Scotland will enter five-tiered lockdown system

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Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed Scotland will enter a five-tiered Covid-19 alert system with the aim for schools to stay open at all levels.

The new model will come into force from November 2 when the temporary restrictions on the hospitality trade, which were extended by a week, will expire.

The system features five levels of measures – from “level zero” to “level four”, two more levels than the English system has in place. Level zero being the lowest and most similar to life before lockdown while a vaccine isn’t available.

Level two has been described as being similar to those which are seen across Scotland at the moment outside the central belt. This includes limits on hospitality with alcohol only being served outside and businesses open till 6pm.

The First Minister said level three would see “tougher restrictions” like those now in place in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including the closure of pubs – although restaurants may be able to open in some circumstances.

The measures are to be applied in different areas of Scotland depending on the spread of the virus. The highest, level four, being closest to the full lockdown the country saw in March closing all non-essential shops.

Decisions on which tier each part of Scotland will be placed in will be made in collaboration with local health protection teams in the coming week.

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