Police brutality against peaceful protesters across Nigeria

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Protests are taking place across the UK today in opposition to police brutality and violence against protesters in cities across Nigeria.

Black Lives Matter Scotland have organised a peaceful protest starting at 11am on Saturday October 24 meeting at 82 George Square near Glasgow Queen Street train station. Organisers have stressed it is vital for attendees to wear face coverings and adhere with government guidelines on covid-19.

The protest in Glasgow comes after a number of protesters were killed or injured in the Nigerian city of Lagos on Tuesday October 20.

The protesters were a part of ongoing demonstrations that had been going on for weeks with a call to end the recently dissolved Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) which the Nigerian government have pledged to investigate for brutality and human rights violations.

SARS was assembled in 1992 after armed robbery became rampant as most army and police resources were being used elsewhere. Since it began in the early nineties SARS has been accused of abusing its power by unlawfully arresting, harassing, kidnapping, detaining and murdering the civilians they are meant to protect.

In a statement, Amnesty International Nigeria said at least twelve protesters were killed in Lagos on Tuesday. Lagos and other cities across Nigeria are now under a 24-hour curfew.

The United Nations also said there had been “multiple deaths” at the scene and pictures of the reported dead circulated on social media.

The Stirling Student Union have voiced their support for students and people affected.

There has also been an international uproar on the issue across social media, with a number of celebrities adding their voices to support End SARS, including Marcus Rashford, Rihanna, and Chance the rapper.

If you would like to get involved and help, you can share information from trusted sources on social media or sign the UK parliament petition to implement sanctions against the Nigerian Government and officials.

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