Stirling Councillor Evelyn Tweed launches bid to become MSP in 2021

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Councillor Evelyn Tweed is one of four SNP politicians to announce their candidacy bid to become the standing party representative in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections 2021, with the successful candidate being revealed next month.

SNP Councillor for Trossachs and Teith since 2017, Tweed is also currently the Chair of Renewables and Energy Efficiency at the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) and in 2019 chaired a Climate Emergency Conference in Falkirk.

As an MSP the candidate would campaign for the regeneration of the local economy, investment into infrastructure and tourism, and support the government’s Climate Change agenda.

Before politics Tweed worked for 25 years as a Senior Housing Professional working within Housing Associations to construct thousands of homes across Scotland and regenerate poor communities.

On her experience she said:

“My work career has taught me the practical skills to get things done, through developing relationships with people; colleagues, residents, professionals, politicians and civil servants. Therefore, as an MSP I know I can foster the relationships necessary to benefit Stirling, and Scotland.”

“I’m not a career politician. The 2014 independence referendum convinced me I needed to get involved.  I’ve campaigned at every election since, knocking on thousands of doors.  I know how to speak to people and run a successful campaign. Being elected an SNP Councillor was an honour that could only be surpassed by being elected an MSP.”

As Housing Portfolio Holder Councillor Tweed continued Stirling’s ongoing commitment towards investing in renewable energy for the installation onto local social housing stock. The commitment has seen over 50% of social housing in Stirling installed with solar PV.

She said: “As a Councillor I took on the challenging Housing Portfolio and created a strong relationship with the Stirling Tenants’ Assembly. We put in the infrastructure to deliver new homes, and support regeneration and the green agenda. As MSP I will work hard to get results for Stirling, rebuilding the economy and jobs, by supporting delivery of the City Deal, and investment in housing, supporting the Climate Change agenda, infrastructure and tourism.”

“I am looking forward to continuing my campaign to win the hearts and minds of local SNP members. I believe I have the necessary qualities and work life experience to be an effective MSP and look forward to engaging with members further as the contest continues. Whoever the SNP candidate is for the Holyrood Election in 2021, the SNP will take nothing for granted and will be working hard to retain this seat.”

Members of the SNP party are able to vote in the candidacy elections, with the successful candidates being announced on November 6.

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