Stirling set for Level 3 Covid-19 restrictions

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that Stirling is set for ‘Level 3’ level of Covid-19 restrictions.

New measures will be brought into play across Scotland’s 32 council areas from next Monday.

Although full confirmation is not expected until later this week, Ms Sturgeon admitted it was “likely” that current restrictions across the central belt – that have been enforced since October 9 – would continue.

Leaked documents yesterday showed the recommended levels for each council area across Scotland, where all central belt areas under current tougher restrictions would begin in Level 3.

Both North and South Lanarkshire were the exceptions, both facing the likely prospect of being put into Level 4 – the most stringent of measures.

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Restaurants in Stirling will be able to open, with set times in place to serve food.

However, alcohol sales will remain prohibited within hospitality.

It will be recommended not to travel outwith the area you reside in while in Level 3, except only for essential reasons, with non-essential businesses allowed to remain open.

Ms Sturgeon revealed she hoped the introduction of the levels would avoid a blanket “one size fits all” approach to maintain flexibility but said she would not rule out taking those measures if necessary.

She said: “Having 5 levels does not prevent us from applying restrictions consistently across the country if that is deemed necessary.

“But it means we can avoid a one size fits all approach if it is not. It will enable a part of the country with relatively low transmission to live with fewer restrictions than an area with much higher transmission.

“The detail within each level is intended to give people greater certainty of what to expect at different rates of transmission. However, it is also important that we retain some flexibility.

“I want to be clear that we will keep the detail of each level under review as the situation develops.”

Feature image credit: University of Stirling/Alamy Live News

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