Classic horrors back on the big screen in Stirling

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Stirling Vue are showing a fantastic variety of classic Halloween films – including family favourites, musicals and slashers – all this week in the lead-up to Halloween for just £4.99 with their Super Saver ticket.

This is alongside new releases such as the debut psychological horror from Rose Glass, Saint Maud, and the remake of the 1996 cult classic, The Craft: Legacy.

You can have a horror Halloween marathon or get the opportunity to see cult hits on the big screen for the first time. Let the magical escapism of the cinema take you to another world.

Here are the classics that are on now.

Set in spooky Salem, Disney family favourite Hocus Pocus features magic and mischief from a trio of witches who were executed in the 17th century. Starring by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica-Parker, this classic is not one to be missed on the big screen.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: a musical, comedy and horror all in one, what is not to like? Take the chance to see it on the big screen whilst you can. My only warning – the iconic songs will be stuck in your head until Christmas.

The slasher of all slashers, Scream is the first out of four in the franchise that spans from 1996 all the way until today, with Scream 5 set to be released next year.

Travel back to the eighties with sci-fi horror hit, Predator. Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator is an old school classic.

Alien is another science-fiction horror with sequels spanning across decades. The original is back on the big screen for its 40th anniversary.

Check times of all the films and book tickets at https://www.myvue.com/cinema/stirling/whats-on

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