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Film Review: The Craft: Legacy, Another remake ruined

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

Legacy is one word I would not use to describe this film. It lacks the magic, originality and energy of its predecessor, the much loved 1996 teen horror The Craft.

Sequels and remakes are tricky as the audience already has expectations and preconceptions.

It’s like reading a novel then watching the film adaption, you already have your own ideas of the characters and story in your head. Seeing something different can be hard but not always a bad thing, occasionally leaving you pleasantly surprised.

In this case, it was a bad thing. Worst case scenario in terms of sequels in the past decade. In three words The Craft: Legacy is incoherent, overly artificial and anticlimactic.

I’m not sure how this is possible but the special effects in The Craft: Legacy somehow come across more fake and superficial than the original back in 1996.

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Our antagonist is Lily, a shy and reserved girl with a pixie cut, who turns out to be the missing force another three girls need to cast spells.

In one of the first scenes, Lily gets her period through her jeans on the first day in her new school that bleeds so much it drips onto the floor in the middle of the classroom – provoking taunting and the whole class ridiculing her.

What are the chances of that happening? Literally, what are the chances? Even if you bled heavily, the likelihood of a period being so heavy it drips on the floor like a knocked over cup of water just would not happen.

This is when the other three girls that are looking for a fourth to complete their coven step in, offering her a pair of shorts and some comfort. She reluctantly accepts and the bond is formed.

From the ‘let me help you after an accident’, the film moves pretty quickly to ‘come join our merry band of witches’.

There are occasional moments of young and fun girl power energy that a younger audience will appreciate. Giving an inspirational message to women, “we have superpowers without even trying” followed by, “half the battle is believing in yourself.”

No matter how old you are, no matter how cheesy seeing a young group of girls finding themselves and the confidence within themselves to thrive may be, it always hits you in the feels.

This, however, quickly passes and the narrative clumsily moves on. Rushing from one random series of events to another, leaving the film with a juvenile overly stupid tone.

The cherry on the top with this rubbish remake is the ridiculous twist at the end that does not make sense but also hints at a sequel. I really hope not.

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  1. I legitimately Google searched regarding the heavy period, because I thought IT HAD to do with something to do with them being witches, or have some point to it that I wasn’t getting. You’re telling me I could have watched until the end of the movie (I’m not going to, because it’s terrible), and it wouldn’t have been mentioned again? What’s the actual point of including this in the script? Ridiculous…

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